Top 5 pvm money making on osrs

So, i’ll be giving a review on some of my prefered gold methods by pvming, this is kind of high combat bracket so i wouldn’t really advise this to lower levels since most of these are end game npc’s and wouldn’t be helpful to any new players starting up on runescape

#1. Raids

The best pvm osrs money making method is raids.

this method can make you up to 6-7M gold per hour not even counting the extreme overpriced drops like the twisted bow, this can be done solo or up to 30 people party , even if you don’t get anything from the rare drop table you’ll still be making money with all the weeds and death runes drops.

if you’re interested on it there is a great guide here

#2. Revenants

Revenants nowadays are always packed and crowded but they still manage to give you an easy 4m hour without any requirement which make it a pretty good npc to kill incase you are looking to make some fast osrs gold via some emblems drops or a wildy weapon!

Don’t forget to not bring any big risk since it is in the wilderness and you’re able to get killed and lose everything!

#3. Zulrah

Our number three is the snake boss , Zulrah. Zulrah is one of the best pvm money making since it nets you up to 4M osrs gold per hour.

it’s drops are pretty good even if you don’t hit the rare drop table and you can expect 175k per kill which makes Zulrah one of the best bosses to kill due to his constant gold per kill, to kill Zulrah you must have started the quest Regicide and have high range and mage level 80+ recommended, zulrah is easy to master but hard to learn being a hard boss for starters but getting easier with the time and tries.


#4. Vorkath

Vorkath is like Zulrah’s big brother but has higher requirements, Vorkath has pretty easy mechanics but is a boss which you really can’t stop looking at your screen or he’ll be able to 1shot you with his fireball meteor and also has a shooting attack which you have to walk or woox walk it.

Therefore Vorkath gets spot 4 giving you up to 4m per hour as zulrah and being in the same tier in terms of gold per hour.


#5. Cerberus

Cerberus is a good boss with his best drop being the primordial crystal.
It is a pretty easy boss but to get something from him it is pretty luck based.

Cerberus only danger is the ghosts which inflict a 30 damage hit if not prayed upon the right fighting style and even so drain your pray by 30 if you pray the right style.

to sum it up this should give you an easy view on how to get fast gold on osrs i hope this helps you on your journey as an adventurer!
Good luck on your path!