Slayer monsters for money

Slayer is one of the most popular skills in the worlds for members. Anyone you ask for tips on how to progress further into the game will most likely tell you slayer is a very efficient method to doing so. Upon training slayer, you will be levelling your combat skills such as attack, strength, defence, HP, magic and range as well as slayer itself.  It is a very relaxing skill to just sit back and enjoy the game with without focusing or putting in too much effort or interaction. It is possible to just play a video or movie while training this skill due to how AFK this skill is. Because of how AFK it is to be doing this skill, over time you will notice your bank begin to stack itself up with thousands of items which may not be very expensive individually, but as you progress on with slayer, you will notice you have hundreds of each rune piece or very expensive unique drops from slayer bosses. When you begin to sell your slayer tab and click the collect button on the Grand Exchange, you will truly notice how profitable slayer can really be. Dumping your items all at once and selling your slayer drops such as rune, adamant, unique’s or even sell gold bars and such is one of the most thrilling experiences you can achieve as a true runescape player! Here is a few AFK slayer monsters you may kill for some money.

Alchemical Hydra is a slayer boss which requires a slayer level of 95 to fight. It is found in the Karuulm Slayer dungeon and is a fairly new addition to old school runescape. If you have no completed the Kourend and Kebos elite diary, certain items must be worn when in the volcano. Boots of stone, boots of brimstone and granite boots can be worn to protect you from the heat of the volcano. This boss can allow you to receive around 2-3m on average consistently as it drops items which are very popular and has a stable price value. As this boss has a high slayer requirement, many people tend to buy osrs gold to boost themselves in achieving 95 slayer a lot quicker.

Brutal black dragons is another very profitable and AFK slayer monster which requires a slayer level of 77 to fight. An antifire potion and anti dragon shield will help a lot in this place as they are far more powerful than regular dragons. This place has become very quiet compared to before as they were previously able to be killed without any slayer level requirement. A player can expect to receive roughly around 700k-1m per hour in this place and decent amounts of exp per hour too.

Upon reaching a high slayer level, you will notice the bank starting to take shape and have more than you need. Players tend to sell osrs gold or buy items with the excess cash they may have. Overall, slayer is a very fun skill to train and should always be your go to skill to train when bored or if you are busy with other things.