Scammers at the Duel Arena!

Hasta Scam: Opponent will sneak in a zamorakian hasta switching to it while being attacked for def bonus.

- Always check opponents inventory before the stake. Make sure they have 28 free spaces, or 27 spaces if not all coins/tokens are in trade.
- Carefully check the names of the trade/challenge request. Quite often players will trade from one account with a clean inventory when you're actually staking their other account with a VERY similar name.
- Opponent places whip/tentacle in trade. Immediately decline the trade as the player is wielding the hasta.
- Coins AND tokens in trade. Do not accept challenge unless player puts all tokens and coins in the trade.
- Delay between opponent accepting trade/challenge. Make sure the player immediately accepts challenge from the trade window. They will often decline the trade, pick up their hasta they dropped, then accept the challenge.

Settings Change: You may be going into a whip stake while they disable/enable an option making it impossible/near impossible for you to win.

- Save your preset settings and spam click on them until opponent has accepted challenge.
- Bring a bow/arrows and some magic runes etc. to anti-scam the scammer!

Fun Weapons Scam: The player will turn on only fun weapons and use a rubber chicken to slowly kill you whilst you can't attack. This follows up with settings change. As long as you spam click your settings this won't be an issue.

- This scam is quite often set up through a low level account trading you flowers and a small amount of gp saying, "good luck".

Maple Bow Lure: This is how it works.

- This scam works, because people think they are antiscamming you. They will try and sneak the right arrows in for their bow, and will kill you.
- However, this won't happen. You will have 2 saved presets which counter this antiscam.
- To begin, you will be in location, spamming "quitting, staking anyone trade me for a bow". Once they trade, give them the bow and the wrong arrows, then try and stake them.
- Preset 1: this preset is exactly like a whip preset, but has range on and not melee or magic. The victim is wearing his bow, and is trying to get you with the right arrows. However  you have the shield slot blocked, which is required to wear a bow, and you have a 1 handed range weapon in your inventory, which you kill them with and take their gold.
- If the person has a 1 handed range weapon on them, as them to bank it to stake. If they refuse, try preset 2.
- Here, it is the same setting, but with the shield slot not blocked, and no weapon switch is on. Bare in mind to have no weapon switch on you also need to have all the attack styles on. You will need to make sure that the person is wearing a bow, with the wrong or no arrows equipped, and also has no runes in their inventory. You have your maple bow and correct (adamant) arrows equipped.
- Both if done correctly leave the opponent unable to attack you back, while your noob account slowly kills them. It's always kind of awkward, some X-log, so if it's a brand new account make sure you bring the highest level ammo so you kill them in time.
- Those are the 2 settings to use, and with those you should be able to make some money!

Rune pouch:

This one's fairly obvious and easy to check, as soon as the duel window opens, check inventory and/or equipped items. They'll usually be missing a vial and have the pouch equipped, to use vengance.

Potions on:

This person will have a 1 sip of a super combat potion put somewhere in their inventory, and will try and slip past potions on in a duel. Just keep an eye on your rules, and always click 'Make Preset' several times before the duel starts.

Other equipped items:

Commonly some kind of leg piece to reduce incoming damage to them. Should be obvious to spot when you use your favourite settings, as it says 'Opponent does not have enough room to remove equipped items'.