Runescape Master Clue

The Runescape Master Clue is the highest tier of clue scroll that you can get in Runescape. Dozens of Runescape players are trying to get their hands on a master clue and want to challenge their self to complete them. The reason why players are doing this because you can get some great rewards, so if you’re lucky enough you can get a lot of Runescape gold by doing these master clues. Plenty of people have already proven that with some good luck, you’ll get a lot of Runescape gold as a reward, as you can get rewarded one of the most expensive items in the game, so that’s a lot of osrs gold. We’ll go over the rewards later, let’s see how you actually an obtain a master clue scroll because who doesn’t want to give it a shot when it can make you a lot of osrs gold?

One way to obtain a master clue is by collecting all of the other clue scrolls first. Therefore, you’ll have to obtain an easy clue scroll, medium clue scroll, hard clue scroll, and elite clue scroll. When you’ve finally obtained all of these clue scrolls and you’re ready to try and make some Runescape gold, go ahead and find NPC Watson. Watson is located just south of the estate agent at the Hosidius House. Make sure you don’t have an incomplete master clue scroll when you’re getting a new master clue scroll, because if you already have one you haven’t completed you won’t get another clue scroll and you’ll end up losing all the other clue scrolls, meaning your shot at earning some Runescape gold is wasted.

Another way to obtain a master clue scroll is by completing other clue scrolls. Every clue scroll you complete grants you a chance to receive a master clue scroll. The odds to receive a master clue scroll from an easy clue scroll is 1/50, from a medium clue scroll 1/30, from a hard clue scroll 1/15, and from an elite clue scroll 1/5.

Master clue scrolls have combat encounters just like elite and hard clue scrolls, you could encounter a Double Agent, Brassician Mage, or an amount of three Ancient Wizards which can be found in multi-combat areas. When you’re in the wilderness level 20 plus and you die, you’ll lose your clue scroll so be careful.

Now about the fun part, the rewards. You can make some serious osrs gold with master clues! You could get rewards such as 3rd age weaponry, which are worth hundreds of millions Runescape gold. You can also receive an Ankou outfit, worth about 60 million osrs gold, ring of coins worth 17 million osrs gold, ornament kits that are worth up to 30 million Runescape gold, and much more stuff which can you make Runescape gold!

Master clue scrolls aren’t easy to complete, they have high requirements, but if you complete them you have the chance to receive one of the most expensive items in-game. Therefore, a good way to make osrs gold if you’re lucky enough.