Runescape Gambling

Runescape gambling has been around for years. It started with things such as flower poker, dice bags and the seal emote. However after a while, Jagex came to the conclusion that it was best to remove these features from the game to avoid people getting their money stolen. Runescape gambling was and still is a great essence of the game and for some people, it is the only reason they are still playing this game. Some people do this full time and actually sell gold online as their source of income. The duel arena is probably the most popular method of gambling as it is an official feature of the game. It consists of two players battling in an arena with gear which both parties have agreed to. However typically, most people just use an abyssal whip with no armour so they can get fast paced bets and makes it 50/50. Here are a few ways people have taken an approach to player run game of chance since the ban.

Discord gambling is a popular method of player run gambling where bots stand in popular places within the game such as the Grand Exchange or the duel arena. They then spam the discord server invite link and provide an incentive such as a free item for joining. This attracts players to join the server where they are then open to gamble their runescape gold. This works through discord bots which act like runescape previous dice bag or other custom games. All the gambling is done on the discord chat and all the transactions are done on the game itself. Once in a while you may even see people gambling money. Perhaps through BTC or other payments.

There are even websites out there which host runescape gambling. This is another very popular player run gambling method. These sites work similar to the discord gambling method, however here the owners have complete freedom over the design and mechanics. Once again, similarly to discord gambling, all transactions are done through the game and all gambling chat is done on the website. Some people gamble and win big amounts of runescape gold to a point where they have no use for it. Most tend to sell gold online. Just as they sell gold, the also buy gold to gamble with in the first place.

In the game itself, there are bots which host gambling. However this is the least popular method as both gambling transactions and chat is done in game which exposes you and the bot directly to Jagex themselves. Most people tend to avoid these bots as they are known to host false odds. Of course many people everyday do trade these bots money for fun or just to test them. As these bots do not last very long, they typically try to get rid of the gold on these bot accounts and sell gold as soon as possible to gold selling websites. These can be seen on many worlds on runescape.