Profitable bosses!

Bossing in runescape is an extremely popular activity. This is mainly because it brings you and your friends together in a team based activity as a way to socialise. However it is also popular because of the osrs gold you are able to acquire from killing these bosses. Many high level players you see walking around with maxed out gear flexing on the poor people in the grand exchange get this from slaying bosses, or they buy gold. Keep in mind that these bosses are designed to be difficult so these are not a monster to be AFKing or be taken lightly. Good, strong gear with high defence and good combat stats are required to slay these monsters. Many players tend to buy osrs gold to afford such items. Here are a few very profitable bosses you can slay.

Dagannoth Kings are a set of three monsters or “brothers” which are very popular to kill for money. The bosses have a not too rare chance of 1 in 128 to drop a berserker ring or an archers ring. This is where a lot of the profit will be coming from. You will not be receiving these very often however in the long run; your GP per hour could be roughly around 600 to 700k per hour. With the elite Fremennik diary you could expect upwards towards 1m per hour. This is a boss which needs constant attention as you can die or get combo’d out at any given moment. All three attack styles, mage, range and melee are required here so make sure you bring along good gear for all three combat styles. It is a fairly long run to get to the boss itself so a stamina potion is highly recommended to bring along on the way.

Raids, or Chambers of xeric as its official name is a highly profitable and popular boss in runescape. This requires good problem solving skills and strong team communication as this is not your average click and kill boss. However in the end, if all the rooms are learned to the very best, it can be extremely rewarding at the end with rewards such as a twisted bow worth over a billion GP or ancestral robe pieces. This can be performed solo but many typically prefer to go as a team and split the drops. A point system is set in place as an incentive to pay more attention and to try not to die too often as when you die, your points go down and the rewards will end up being lowered. It is wise to go with a team you trust, who you are certain will for sure split the drops upon receiving one, as well as have the knowledge to defeat the boss. Good, expensive gear is highly recommended here with items such as a dragon warhammer or a bandos god sword which help a lot during the fight. Good combat levels are also a must, especially range. These are a only a few bosses to kill for profit, there are many more you can search for yourself!