OSRS Dragon Claws

Dragon Claws are a very popular item in Oldschool Runescape. The special attack features a very cool emote which depicts the deadly aspects of Pking. Dragon claws originate from Runescape 3 and were a popular item many years ago before Oldschool Runescape was released. Dragon Claws are a very valuable item in Runescape and can be expensive to the casual player.


Dragon Claws are commonly used by Player Killers and Monster Killers in Oldschool Runescape. The special attack enables players to quickly do a lot of damage to other players in the wilderness, putting them at an advantage during a duel. The same applies for player versus monster kills as the Dragon Claws special attack can do a lot of damage during boss kills, thus decreasing the time required to kill the monster for profit.


As Dragon Claws are a treasured item, and the price remains fairly high for casual players, many players choose to purchase oldschool rs dragon claws from a runescape gold selling website. The cost to immediately acquire the item often outweighs the amount of time required to accumulate runescape gold in-game. Even top tier runescape players will require many hours of play time to accumulate enough runescape gold to purchase oldschool dragon claws at the grand exchange.


As dragon claws are expensive in Oldschool Runescape, it is important that players have a high enough prayer level to protect them from being dropped on death. Prayer is quite expensive to train so most players purchase runescape gold, to spend on bones at the grand exchange, which are used at a gilded altar to level up prayer very quickly. Players with high prayer levels can use the protect item prayer for much longer in combat, and are at much lower risk of losing the dragon claws to another player in the wilderness.


Dragon claws can be a very effective player killing item for players with pure accounts. Looks can be deceiving, and with a low combat level but high strength or attack level, players can quickly defeat an opponent with a similar combat to them who is not a pure.


As of writing this article, Dragon claws in Oldschool Runescape cost 62 million rs coins when purchased in the grand exchange. To accumulate such an amount of gold in game can be very time consuming, whereas purchasing 62 million rs gold from a runescape gold selling website can be very affordable for many players. Purchasing rs gold saves the time required to accumulate Runescape gold in-game, and the player can enjoy the perks of Dragon Claws in only a few moments after purchasing the gold. Once rs gold has been purchased the player is only required to walk or teleport to the grand exchange in Varrock, where they can purchase oldschool dragon claws instantly on the market from another player.


Luckily for the players, the value of dragon claws is slowly dropping as the month go by. This is because more dragon claws are available in the game and as a result, are less rare.