OSRS - Complete nightmarezone guide



Welcome to the blog! Today I am writing a complete guide for nightmare zone.


This guide contains 3 sections:


1) What is nightmare zone?

2) What do I need for nightmare zone?

3) What are the optimal way to train in Nightmare zone?

4) What can I get from nightmare zone?


I hope you learn from this blogpost and get a well trained account very soon! Now, let's start with the first section:

What is nightmare zone?

Nightmare zone is a combat based minigame where you can fight quest bosses for points. These points can be spend for different rewards which I will explain more about later in section 3.

Nightmare zone can be found north of Yanille, but there is also a direct teleport to it within the minigame tab in-game.

This minigame is a safe instance, which means you do not lose any items on death. Items dropped on the ground do disappear so that is not recommended!

Within the minigame there are 3 modes; practice, endurance and rumble on normal and hard difficulty. We only cover rumble in this guide since this is pretty much the only used mode to train and gain points.

Fun fact: All assets are used from the King Black Dragon lair and it was the first big update from the revival of the official OSRS servers.

What do I need for nightmare zone?

Nightmare zone has quest requirements. You need to have completed atleast 5 quests from the following list:

• Contact!
• Haunted Mine
• Recipe for Disaster
• Desert Treasure
• Holy Grail
• Roving Elves
• Dragon Slayer    
• Horror from the Deep
• Shadow of the Storm
• Dream Mentor
• In Search of the Myreque
• Shilo Village
• Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains
• Legends' Quest
• Tree Gnome Village
• Family Crest
• Lost City
• Troll Romance
• Fight Arena
• Lunar Diplomacy
• Troll Stronghold
• The Fremennik Isles
• Monkey Madness I
• What Lies Below
• The Grand Tree
• Mountain Daughter
• Witch's House
• The Great Brain Robbery
• My Arm's Big Adventure
• Vampire Slayer
• Grim Tales
• One Small Favour
• The Depths of Despair
• The Corsair Curse
• Tale of the Righteous
• The Ascent of Arceuus

Do not be afraid of the big list: You only need 5! 

Next you need to deposit coins into the coffer. The most commonly used mode, rumble (hard) costs 26.000 gp each time you want to enter a dream.

After that, you can choose to take potions from the reward tab (which will be explained later in the guide) and then you're set to enter.

I recommend having base 70 combat stats (Attack, Strenght and Defencee) and atleast 43 prayer to start training in the nightmare zone. But before you can train, you need some gear!

The first time you need some different gear to gain some points. I recommend the best melee gear you have with prayer and strenght bonus.

For example: Obsidian set with beserker necklace and amulet of torture. Or for the more wealthy player: a bandos set with primordial boots and a amulet of torture. You don't need a lot of points to start out, so don't worry about spending a lot on the first run!

It is recommended to take combat potions to boost your stats and prayer potions to use protect from melee to maximize your first run.

Once you gathered some points, you are going to use a different setup.

That gear setup is: Dharock's set + the best other equipment you can afford. For gloves: Barrows gloves, regen bracelet or a combat bracelet. An amulet of torture, fury or glory will boost some stats aswell. A beserker or warrior ring is also recommended. For boots you can use primordial, dragon or bandos boots. 

For items you only absorption potions (what these are will be covered, don't worry!) and combat potions are recommended. The goal is to keep your HP at 1, so a dwarven rock cake (from the Fremminik Isles quest) or a locator orb (from Dragon Slayer II).

Now you're set to train! But how do you train? That's going to be explained in the following section:


What are the optimal way to train in Nightmare zone?

Now that you have some quests done, some gear set-up and you're ready to train, I will explain what the best way is.

I would highly recommend to only use quest bosses with melee attacks. 

These are the following bosses that only use melee:

•Count Draynor
•Sand Snake
•King Roald
•Witch's experiment
•The Kendal
•Treus Dayth
•Skeleton hellhound
•Tree Spirit
•Black demon
•Knight Titan

The more bosses you can select, the more points you get.

So after you paid for the dream, got your potions ready, selected all bosses, it is now to time to quickly drain your hp to 1 and drink absorption potions. It is recommended to stand in a corner to minimalize the amount of hits you can take. To stop regenerating hitpoints, you can use the prayer ''quick restore'' for 0.5 seconds to restart the timer. If you keep pressing the prayer every 45-50 seconds, no health will be generated. 

Some tips: Set a quick prayer to make it easier, make sure you have auto-retaliate ON and keep an eye on your absorption points!

And now to the final section:

What can I get from nightmare zone?

The most obvious and import gain is combat exp. The method is really afk and with a dharok set you get some big hits and exp drops! But there are also nightmate zone points that can be spend wihin the reward chest.


In the reward chest are a few important rewards. First of all: potions

There are 2 potions that are used a lot in nightmare zone: Absorption and overload potions.

Drinking the absorption causes the next 50 damage inflicted on the player to be absorbed, preventing you from dying at 1 hp. 1 potion = 200 points absorption points and these potions cost 1000 nightmare zone points each.

Overloads are potions that give the highest combat bonus in the game. By drinking a dose of overload, the player will take 50 damage (which wont be absorbed by absorption potions!!). These are used by higher level players to replace combat potions.

In the chest are 2 more commonly purchased rewards: a scroll of redirection and herb boxes.

Scrolls of redirection can be used on a house teleport tablet and changes the tablet to teleport you to any selected house you want. This is commonly used in quests to move around without moving your house. A scroll costs 775 points.

Herb boxes are boxed that contain 10 herbs and can be directly banked. It is recommended to purchase the 15 boxes daily to maximize profits. These boxes cost 9500 points each.

And the final, but very useful reward: upgrading your gear.

WIthin the nightmare zone, certain rings, amulets, and crystal items can be ''imbued''.

Imbuing an item increases their stats and makes the item untradeable. If you wish, you can always remove the imbue and recieve a part of your points back. The most commonly items that are imbued are rings and crystal items.

Tip: Imbue a black mask for your slayerhelm to increase the DPS even more and imbue your combat rings since those are pretty much always in use!


If you made it till the end of this post: congratulations, you now know all the required knowledge of the nightmare zone minigame. I would like to thank you for reading the post and wish you some good gains on your account!