OSRS - 1-99 herblore guide.

--- Level 1 to 99 herblore guide ---

Hello and welcome to my level 1 to 99 herblore guide. In this guide I will show you how to train herblore, what methods there are and what items and quest can be useful by training herblore.

I would like to start with a few quests to start your herblore training.

--- Quests ---

The first quest you have to do is druidic rituals. Without this quest you're not able to start training herblore.

I recommend 3 more quests to skip some low level herblore training, but they are not required. 
But it is not a bad idea to get some quests done and get some exp with it!

Quest 1: Jungle potion
Quest 2: Recruitement Drive
Quest 3: The Digsite

--- Amulet of chemistry ---

An amulet of chemistry is an amulet that can be worn during the creation of potions. Is has a 5% chance of making a 4-dose potion instead of 3. This gets you some extra GP, depending on what method you choose to train with.
This amulet has 5 charges and will crumble to dust when used.

--- Leveling guide ---

In this section I will show the best GP per EXP methods, since some potions give better EXP but are too expensive to be viable. If you don't have a lot of money and want to stop at a lower level, this is okay but it will slow down progress.

From level 3 to level 5 you make attack potions. (Guam Potion + Eye of Newt) You only need to make 6 potions to do these levels.
From level 5 to level 12 you make anti poison potions (Marrentill potion + Ground unicorn horn) and you will need to make 32 potions to do these levels.
From level 12 to 26 you make strenght potions. (Tarromin potion + limpwurt root) and you will need 144 potions to do these levels.
From level 26 to level 38 you make energy potions (Harralander potion + chocolate dust) and you will need 332 potions to do these levels.

From level 38 you can start prayer potions. Prayer potions are the most used potions to do the training since these are always in high demand and possibly usefull for yourself aswell with a good GP per EXP ratio.
If you stick with prayer potions untill level 99 you will need a total of 148,618 potions. But if you do not want to make all these, you can read further for more methods.

From level 45 to level 48 you can make Super Attack potions (Irit potion + Eye of Newt). You will need a total of 216 potions to do these levels.
From level 48 to level 52 you can make super anti-poison potions (Irit potion + ground unicorn dust) and you will need 203 potions to do these levels.
From level 52 to 55 you can make super energy potions (avantoe potion + mort myre fungus) and you will need 366 potions to do these levels.
From level 55 to level 63 you can make super strenght potions. (Kwuarm potion + Limpurt root) and you will need 1616 potions to do these levels.

From level 63 to level 69 you can make super restore potions. (Snapdragon potion + Red spider eggs) and you will need 2102 potions to do these levels.
Others players choose to do this potion till level 99 due the exp per GP and the high demand. If you choose to do this you will need 88,884 potions till level 99.

From level 69 to level 72 you can make Antifire potions (Lantadyme potion + dragon scale dust) and you will need 1468 potions to do these levels.
From level 72 to level 81 you can make ranging potions. (Dwarf weed potion + wine of zamorak) and you will need 7961 potions to do these levels.
From level 81 to level 99 you can make Saradomin brews. (Toadflax + crushed nest) and you will need 60.232 potions to finish to level 99.

--- Alternate methods ---

From level 77 you can make stamina potions. These require a super energy potion + amalyse crystal to make. This is one of the fastest methods to 99 with almost 450k exp/h.
From level 84 you can make extended antifires. This method is very click intensive but has the highest EXP/h. You will need a antifire potion + lava scale shard to make the potion.
From level 90 you can make Super Combat Potions. This requires a Super attack, Super defence and a Super strenght potion and a torsol to make. This method should gain around 300k exp/h.

The cheap method to level 99 is to make anti-venom+ potions. These require a anti-venom potion plus a torsol and should gain you a 200-225k exp an hour.
And finally, the way to gain herblore exp and not lose money is cleaning herbs. This is very click intensive and has a very low exp/h, so this is not recommended in higher levels. 
A tip to get cheaper herbs and extra's: Try to setup an offer cheap at ge and wait for it to buy instead of insta-buying it or farm the ingredients yourself.

The costs of level 3 to 99 herblore is around 100-150m depending on what method and potions you make, how much u buy and sell etc.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I wish you luck with the 99 herblore grind!