Low level money!

As a noob in Runescape, you feel lost. You just hopped straight fresh off Tutorial Island and now you do not know what to do. You spawn in the land of Gilenor at the castles of Lumbridge and now you are constantly getting spammed through private messages from annoying bots to buy osrs gold here or sell osrs gold there! It is up to you whether you wish to go ahead with that but in this guide, I will show you a few low level money making methods which will hopefully get you started on this game up until you can progress on to more advanced and greater money making methods.

Firstly, one of the easiest possible ways to make money with absolutely zero requirements is to loot dead player’s items in the wilderness. As people fight there, most people will leave items such as sharks, potions, arrows and such on the floor as they will only collect the most valuable items like the other player’s armour. This is your chance to sneak over the borders near the wilderness and collect these items. Over time these items stack up and you can make roughly 300k per hour. This is an absolute beast of a method to get started on this game. You could even save some of the items for yourself to use in the game. However you will need to compete against many bots here. These bots are very fast and you need to be able to be one step ahead of them at all times to get the loot before them. These bots stay here for weeks upon weeks and end up selling gold online. You should also be careful of player killers that are your level as you are also a target here in the wilderness.

Another very easy way to make money is through the killing lava dragons which are located in the wilderness. These lava dragons do have a very high combat level but as long as you have level 13 magic to cast fire strike then you should be fine as there are many safe spots you can use in this location. These drop a guaranteed 10k per kill as well as some other bonus items. On average you should expect to make roughly around 500-800k per hour here depending on your luck. However you should be warned that this is a very popular pking location and every once in a while you will meet up with players attempting to kill you for your osrs gold! You should try and avoid these players. A very simple way to avoid them is to log out as soon as you see a white dot appear on your mini map. This indicates another player approaching you which is most likely a pker. You should also try to return to bank your items frequently to avoid disappointment when dying with a very expensive inventory.

After a while, you should level up quite a bit and make a few million GP enough to progress onto better and more advanced money makers.