Items to buy from Shops

In old school runescape, a very popular activity that many players do with their osrs gold is going around certain shops and purchasing items because it is a lot cheaper than buying the item from the grand exchange. Or, it could be that the player is an iron man and they can not access the grand exchange so they are almost forced to perform this activity in the game. Many players also do this to make a little bit of profit as they can sell these items back on to the grand exchange for higher than what they bought it for. This is also known as “flipping”, or at least one type of flipping. Throughout the years with this activity, there was something known as the “hop limit” which prevents you from switching worlds too many times, too fast. This got a lot of people very frustrated as it stopped them from doing things such as looking for players in the wilderness on different worlds  or in this case, stopping people from efficiently buying items from shops and hopping worlds. Recently however, there was an update released to the game where this hop limit was actually removed, which allowed players to buy items and hop worlds very fast and efficiently without wasting any time on the hop limit. Of course, this has made the money making method of hop buying items very popular now. There are plenty of items in the game which you can do this with, all you need to do is search for them. Here are just a few items you may do this with.

The first one is with grapes in the Lumbridge cellar. This does require the quest requirements of the recipe for disaster quest but it is very worth it as this unlocks a chest in the cellar which is a bank as well as a shop so you can bank your grapes as you are buying them without having to move a single tile. This is a very good method for fast osrs gold per hour for players who do not wish to engage in combat however it can be quite click intensive. These grapes can be sold on the grand exchange or it can be used for cooking XP especially for ironmen.

Another very good item is death runes. Death runes can be bought from many shops around the world of runescape. One known one is the rune seller in low level wilderness. This is only a few steps over the border but beware as players who are similar combat level to you can still attack you so it is not wise to bring all your osrs gold with you and you should bank frequently to avoid disappointment if you die. The profit per hour on this method heavily depends on the current grand exchange prices. If they are high, you will profit greatly, if they are not too high then you won’t get as much osrs gold as you could have if the prices were higher.