How To Use The Grand Exchange In Oldschool RuneScape

The Grand Exchange is effectively the ‘Auction House’ of Oldschool RuneScape. It’s the place to spend (or accumulate) your OSRS Gold.  The system is similar to that found in other MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft, with the key difference that there is no way to ‘browse’ the Grand Exchange. With that said, let’s explore how to navigate, buy, and sell items within the Grand Exchange (and later, a link showing how to earn some extra OSRS Gold using the Grand Exchange).

Purchasing Items

First, you’ll need to ensure that your OSRS Gold is ready to go in your inventory (not the bank). When opening the Grand Exchange interface, you’re met with two options – to place a ‘buy’ or a ‘sell’ offer. To purchase an item, we’ll need to choose to create a buy offer. The next step is to search for the item you’re looking for, you can type a few letters of the item name and you’ll be met with suggestions matching the characters you’ve typed in. Select the appropriate item, and prepare your RuneScape Gold.

Every item in the Grand Exchange has a set ‘market price’. This is an automatically assigned price by Jagex, based on buy/sell trends. It’s essentially a median price for the item you’re looking at. If you need the item urgently, you can use the price adjustment on the right hand side of the window to increase the price. The easiest way to do this is by using the +5%/-5% buttons. Beware that you’ll be spending more of your hard earned OSRS Gold this way, however you’ll be mitigating the delay of having to wait for the item to buy.

If an item does not buy immediately, this means that there is currently nobody with a sell offer for that item for the price you set (or lower). At this point, you’ll have to determine whether your time or your OSRS Gold is more valuable. If time is a concern, certainly increase the price to achieve an instant buy order.

Selling Items

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To sell an item, open the Grand Exchange and either choose ‘sell’ or simply left click an eligible item in your inventory. You can then follow the same steps as when placing a buy offer, adjust the price to the point you are satisfied, and go ahead. If the item does not sell instantly, that means that there are currently no buy offers for the price (or higher) that you have set. You can choose to either allow the item to sit in the Grand Exchange for a while, or if you need the OSRS Gold as soon as possible, cancel the offer and reduce the price until it sells instantly.

The way that the Grand Exchange pairs buyers and sellers is simple. When placing a ‘buy’ offer, you’ll automatically buy the lowest priced offer available. If there are no sell offers for the price you have specified, your ‘buy’ offer will remain until it is fulfilled. When placing a ‘sell’ offer, you’ll automatically sell the item for the highest buy offer currently available. If there are no buy offers for the price you have specified, your ‘sell’ offer will remain until somebody chooses to purchase the item, and you are currently the lowest priced offer.

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