How To Safely Buy And Sell An OSRS Account (Gold And Cash)

Today will be a different sort of blog, today I will be teaching everyone the safest and best way to buy and sell Runescape accounts!

Buying and selling Runescape accounts can be a very unsafe process due to the number of scammers. That is why today I will be teaching you guys how to safely buy or sell a Runescape account. is probably the most known and common site to buy and sell Runescape accounts. It is a huge player-run marketplace where people can create threads for the services and accounts they are trying to sell. Sythe is also a common place for scammers trying to make money on the uneducated seller/buyer. There are many ways to make yourself safer from these scammers and get yourself the best chance at a successful sale! WARNING, THIS GUIDE WILL NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL NOT GET SCAMMED. ALTHOUGH IT INCREASES YOUR CHANCES OF NOT GETTING SCAMMED, IT CAN STILL HAPPEN! ALWAYS BE AWARE AND KNOWLEDGABLE! Sythe has a "donation system" where people can donate to the website. It is generally considered that people who donate large amounts are less likely to be scammers. This, for the most part, is true. People donate to the site to improve their trustworthiness. If you are donating to the site, you don't want your account to get banned. By the way, scammers on Sythe get their account banned as long as the accuser has adamant proof that the did, in fact, scam. SYTHE.ORG WILL NOT REFUND YOU IF YOU GET SCAMMED, MEANING THAT EVERY TRANSACTION YOU DO HAS A RISK! I would recommend that you record all your transactions, this will give your satisfactory proof that the person did indeed scam you. If you are buying with gold, I would recommend that you buy osrs gold through as it is the safest and fastest option for all your gold buying needs! Now, you will need to get a middleman!


Finding the right middleman can help provide you with the safest and easiest transactions! Sythe has a wide variety of middleman. Some cost money or take a portion of the sale, while others are free. The trick to figuring out who is trusted is through vouches and donator/staff rank. People with staff rank are some of the most trusted people in the Runescape market. They are trusted by thousands of users every day and are extremely great when it comes to a middleman or selling services. Once again, people with higher donator ranks are more trusted.

Account Recovery

Buying an account and paying immediately is not the smartest decision. Account recovery involves using the Runescape account recovery system and answering questions about the history of the account. It is recommended to wait 2 weeks after changing the email on the account to pay due to the chance of recovery. Most of the time, you do not need to wait the 2 weeks if the person you are buying from is trusted!

Thanks for reading, make sure to buy osrs gold from to receive the fastest and best prices for your gold buying needs!