How to make money off Runescape

Did you know that there are dozens of people making a living off Runescape? Real world trading has been a thing for a very long time now and it seems like it won't go away anytime soon. People can make a lot of money if they buy Runescape gold and sell Runescape gold with the right margins, and that's what most of the bigger Runescape gold businesses do. When you buy Runescape gold, you're a part of this big business and you can even start making money off Runescape yourself.

This business isn't just limited to buying Runescape gold and selling Runescape gold, but there are also dozens of people providing services to Runescape players. This could be literally any in-game activity, you basically just pay a service provider, also known as a Runescape worker, to do activities for you in-game. One of these activities could be for example a firecape service, because a lot of Runescape players find it difficult to get the firecape, Runescape workers provide the service to these type of people and ask money for it. The same thing happens with quests and minigames, because it's not always fun to grind for days, weeks or even months and that's why people rather just pay and let someone else do it for them, which opens up a gate to opportunities for people who want to make money off Runescape. Sometimes when you buy Runescape gold or sell Runescape gold on a gold website, you can see that they also rent out maxed accounts. This is also a very common service where people rent out their maxed main (all combat stats 99) for a fee which is most of the times between 2M and 20M for an hour. This is a nice way of low intensity income, because all you have to do is accept payments and give people the password of the account and change it afterwards.

So how do you start making money off Runescape yourself with no experience? There are plenty of ways as I've just noticed, but the first step would be to register on a Runescape trading community forum, there are more than one of these type of forums but the one with the biggest and most active community is After registering your main focus should be on getting vouches, which are like positive reviews, the more vouches you have the more trustworthy you seem to other people. You can buy Runescape gold and sell Runescape gold with a good margin so you get profit. You can also start your own Runescape service and do minigames, quests or powerleveling for people and earn money that way. You can invest in a maxed main or train one yourself and rent the account for profit. Another way is joining an existing business, this could be livechat work or also Runescape services. There are plenty of options, you should choose whatever you enjoy doing the most. Do you like skilling? Start a skilling service. If you like questing, start a questing service. Do you like being an entrepreneur? Invest and buy Runescape gold and sell Runescape gold for more than you've invested and let the money flow in!