How to do Osrs tutorial Island

The Tutorial Island

Every new character starts out on the Tutorial Island.
It is designed to teach new players the basics of the game.

New players must communicate with non-player characters (NPCs) and do a variety of tasks to unlock different stages of the Island.

The first stage:
The RuneScape Guide teaches how to move the camera, use the minimap, talk to non-player characters and open doors.

The second stage:
The Survival Expert unlocks the fishing, woodcutting firemaking and cooking skills and teaches how to view and use items in the players inventory and view their current skill levels.
In order to move to the next stage players must do these tasks:
1. Fish some shrimps
2. Cut a tree
3. Light a fire
4. Cook some shrimps

The thirdstage:
The Master Chef teaches more aspects of the cooking skill, how to control the ingame music and how to enable running.

The fourth stage:
The Quest Guide explains how to use the quest journal and everything important about quests.

The fifth stage:
The Mining Instructor unlocks the mining and smithing skills and teaches players the basics of the two skills, mining and smithing.
In order to move to the next stage players must do the following tasks:
1. Mine some copper and tin ore
2. Smelt the copper and tin ore to a bronze bar
3. Forge a bronze dagger

The sixth stage:
The Combat Instructor unlocks melee and ranged skills and teaches how to equip items, see more statistics about worn gear and use different combat styles.
In order to move to the next stage players must do these tasks:
1. Equip a bronze dagger
2. Equip a bronze sword and a wooden shield
3. Select a combat style (you are able to choose between accurate, agressive and defensive)
4. Kill a rat
5. Equip a bow and some arrows
6. Kill another rat

The seventh stage:
The Financial Advisor introduces players to RuneScape's banks as well as into making money.

The eighth stage:
Brother Brance teaches players how to use prayers, the friends- and ignore list.

The ninth stage:
The two NPCs Adam and Paul introduce three alternative game modes.
Players can choose to become a regular ironman, hardcore ironman ore ultimate ironman.
These game modes have certain restrictions.
For example ironmen are not allowed to trade with other players nor using the grand exchange to trade items.
Hardcore ironmen have only one life. If they die they lose their hardcore status but are able to continue playing as a regular ironman.
Ultimate ironmen are not allowed to use any of RuneScape's banks.
Players who do not want to become an ironman can ignore Adam and Paul and move on to the next and final stage.

The final stage:
The Magic Instructor unlocks the magic skill and teaches players how to select and cast magic spells on enemies or other NPCs.
To move on to the mainland players have to cast the Wind Strike spell against a chicken.

After reaching and completing the final stage the players are teleported to the Lumbridge castle and ready to explore the world of Gielinor as well as to train their skills.