How to Buy Osrs Gold

Hello, Today im going to be telling you how you can buy your very own osrs gold. There are alot of sites out there but my personal favourite would be Ariba Gold as they have nice and friendly staff. They are quick and best of all they are one of the cheapest ones in the market at the moment. If you do find one cheaper you can also beat the price on here.

To Buy osrs Gold its easy as counting to 10.

1st you are going to have to head over to the site Ariba Gold

Once on the site you will see on the top bar OSRS Gold click on there.

Next you will be brought to a page where you can choose the amount you are looking to purchase. 1m,10m,50m,100m,1B its all up to you! (As the moment of this blog they currently have 3977m In stock!)

Make sure to put your character name in (Osrs Name)

Next click the Buy now button and you will be put onto the payment choosing page where you can choose how you will pay for your osrs gold

Choose the payment option you are using and enter your email into the box provided. You can also input a discount code if you have one. Next Hit checkout to continue and make the payment

Once Ariba gold has verified the payment you will be automatically put into a live chat with one of their customer sales advisor where they will check your order id, confirm its been paid and then ask you to meet you somewhere in osrs.

Next you go to trade them.


After you trade them you will have to confirm its you in the trade in the Live Chat on the site

Once you confirm it. Your done! You Did it! You Purchased OSRS gold

Congrats and welcome to the team!

Always purchase your gold from a reputable vendor Like ariba gold! There are scammers and fakes so be careful. Once you have your gold Ariba Gold is not liable for anything that happens afterwards. They will never ask for it back, they wont ask to call you, they will only accept your trade, nothing more nothing less.

People may wonder why i have based this around Ariba Gold (Not just because im on their blog site) Its because they are one of the best Gold sellors in my opinion, they do giveaways and stuff in their discord and instagram account. They are cheap, reliable, fast and nice people. Ive talked to a few of the Live Chat people and they all seem very nice and quite friendly during our chats. Never had a bad experience on here which i have done in the past with other sites. They will not scam you and they will not trick you in any way. 

Thank you for reading this, Hope you found this Helpful!