Flipping. The business art of purchasing items at a specific low price and selling these items again at a high price to build a profit. The concept of flipping has been around runescape since the very beginning of the game. However now it is easier than ever due to the introduction of the Grand Exchange. Flipping is one of the most popular ways to make money due to how simple it is and how you can stand in the exact same style for the whole duration of time while you are doing it. It is important to know which items are good to flip and which ones typically have a high margin. The term ‘margin’ the gap between the sell price and the buy price, or the “profit” of that item. As you flip new items, you will learn which ones to continue flipping and which ones you should stay away from. Here I will give you few of the most common items you can flip to make profit. Keep in mind you will need starting money to begin flipping. Many people just buy osrs gold to flip and just sell osrs gold from the profit they make while doing it. A typical way to flip is to buy an item for well above market value and then sell it way below market value. This way you will get the margin and a good idea for if it is worth flipping this item and investing your money. Beware that this is only good for cheaper items, if you attempt to do this with a very expensive item, you will make a very large loss while testing the margin. In these cases, you must guess and come up with your own sell and buy price or there are a few websites out there which may help you out with these items.

The first item you are able to flip with almost a guaranteed chance of profit are “Zulrah scales”. These are such a common item which flows around runescape every single day. Players who farm Zulrah will just dump their scales in the grand exchange for an instant sell, typically gold farming bots who sell osrs gold. This is your opportunity to buy these bot’s scale’s for a low price and sell them to real players who need them that are willing to pay extra.

Another item which is popular to flip with almost a guaranteed chance of profit are “cannonballs”. Once again, just like with the Zulrah scales, bots who sell osrs gold typically farm these and smith them all day. At the end of the day their cannonballs get dumped in the grand exchange for a low price. Here is where you may buy these at the low price then sell them again for a high price to players who need them. The players who buy cannonballs are usually rich players so they are more than willing to purchase them at any given price. Use this to your advantage and make the most out of your money.