F2P Cash

In old school runescape, being a player in the worlds of free to play, you may feel like the opportunities ahead of you are very small and limited. This is because they are. There is not many things to do and accomplish in free to play. Most the skills are not available to train and more than half the map is locked and you are unable to enter these lands. Many players will only just buy osrs gold to purchase a runescape bond so they can skip all the boring stuff and go straight into playing the fun part of old school runescape. However you should not lose hope, there are many, many ways to make money in free to play but please not that it will take a couple of hours until you are able to make enough money for your first ever bond! Here are a few methods.

The first method is through the crafting skill. This method does require a crafting level of 20 and you can expect to make roughly around 100 to 150k per hour but it does depend on how engaged and focused you are on the screen. What you need to do is search for a furnace with a bank nearby, al kharid is a very place for doing this. You will need gold bard, cut sapphires and a ring mould. These items can be bought all from the grand exchange and not expensive at all. Use the gold bar on the furnace and click on the sapphire ring option. After your inventory is finished crafting, run to the bank nearby, reset then run back. Once all the rings have been made, you can sell these for a decent profit on the grand exchange. This method is very good for new players who are just starting out and is quite AFK so you can do this while watching a movie or such.

Another good method which is slightly better than the last is tele grabbing nature runes from the wilderness. This does require a magic level of 33 which does not take to achieve at all. With this method you could make up to 200k per hour and after the recent update of the hop limit being removed, you can expect even more gp per hour. Per world there is about 4 nature runes and this is a decent way to train your magic at the same time as making money. Please note that this is the wilderness and players can attack you at anytime if they wish. It is a good idea to bank your nature runes after a while. Maybe every 100k worth of runes you should bank. Also, do not take all your law runes with you at once as these are quite expensive.

Overall, these are decent ways to make money on free to play however it is probably best that you do not waste your time here. The time you spend making a single bond on free to play, you could make a couple million gp on a members world. A good idea is just to buy osrs gold instead for a bond.