Dinh's Bulwark Update

The Bulwark is a shield that was used to protect players in the wilderness as it had the most defensive stats compared to most shields for only 4.5m however Jagex deemed it to be too OP and nerfed it by removin the magic defensive stats it previously gave from +18 to 0 Magic Defence. Dinh's bulwark was considered to offer too much protection. When used in combination with black dragonhide, the bulwark made tanking and escaping from PvP situations far easier than intended. Initially we proposed reducing all the defensive stats of the item. After feedback, only the Magic defence bonus of the bulwark has been reduced - from 18 to 0.

It is the strongest shield in-game barring any effects (surpassing the Dragonfire shield and its equivalents). As a two-handed shield, the bulwark is also capable of attacking opponents. In order to attack with the bulwark, it must be set to the pummel option. This also allows it to perform its special attack. While the block attack style is active, players lose the ability to attack, but incoming damage is reduced by 20% if not in PvP. There is an 8-tick (4.8 seconds) delay before the damage reduction applies after switching to the bulwark, to prevent players from equipping it on a defence tick and switching back to a more damaging weapon for the attack tick. Furthermore, players wielding the bulwark will not be able to cast any combat spells; players attempting to do so will receive the message "Your bulwark gets in the way.".

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The Pkers will love this update as it means that Dinhs bulwark wont stop them now from getting their juicy loot that players accumulate in the wilderness most notably in Revs, Resource Area and Chaos Alter where people as doing bones. People can make a decent profit this way.  When the Bulwark was released it was looking to fill a niche in PvM to enhance a tanker's ability to help the team when group bossing. As time has gone on, it's clear that the shield has very few limited uses outside of aiding in wilderness protection. This isn't a problem in itself however, in its current format, it gives the player high invulnerability when combined with certain equipment/protection prayers. We would like to discuss any ideas that players may have that allows the shield to have more of a use outside of PvP and also talk about reducing its effectiveness in PvP situations.

Although Dinhs Bulwark has a sepecial attack it is hardly use as its main use at the moment was escaping pvpers. The Special Attack Shield Bash, which hits up to 10 enemies in a 11x11 area around the player with 20% increased accuracy, consuming 50% of the player's special attack energy so this is quite good at gathering quite a few monsters in an area like kourend and other places where multi combat is.

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My personal opinion as a PVM person is that the Bulwark was overpowered anyone could see it but it was the only protection people had who did Pvm in the wilderness from pkers. Some days i just wanna enjoy my time playing the game killing some monsters to get some good loot but its hard to do that when you are constantly attacked. I think that instead of it losing all of its magic defence it should of only lost half of it so it still protects you from magical monsters. I also think that this update shows that Jagex are now focusing on the Pking side of things instead of Pvm which is a good thing for some people and while pking is quite fun its hard to compete against other pkers who are much better skilled at the game mechanics than you. The Bulwark losing its magic defense shows that they are wanting to please players but ofcourse some players will disagree with this change in the game as they feel its pushing the game to be  just Pking in certain aspects of the game instead of having some protection you recieve none.


Thank you for reading this update blog on the Dinh's bulwark. I hope you found it usefull and insightful to help you understand the changes that have been made to the dinh's bulwark recently.

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