AFK Tasks

AFK. Away from keyboard. A term used across runescape all the time. To “AFK” something, it usually means to perform an action within the game which requires almost no effort or interaction. In Runescape, this act is used throughout the entire game and a lot of your time in this game will be spent doing so. AFKing things in runescape can be useful in numerous ways. It can make you a decent amount of money with low effort and it can get you exp in skills with low effort. However many AFK tasks require some runescape gold in hand to spend on the resources. For example, creating battlestaves to train your crafting level is a very AFK task but requires expensive resources. Many people buy runescape gold to speed up the process. Here are a few AFK tasks you are able to do within the game, which will greatly help you in the long run.

Nightmare zone is a place where you are able to fight the bosses from previous quests which you have completed already. This is used to gain points for imbuing certain items to improve its stats and make it more powerful. However you also gain a lot of exp from this place. It does cost money to enter this place so you want to stay in the arena for as long as possible to save as much money as possible. Taking the best gear possible is advised to maximise your exp per hour as well as to increase your defence so you can stay inside longer. Many players simply don’t have enough runescape gold to purchase these items from the Grand Exchange. So most typically tend to buy gold online instead which is a far simpler and quicker option.

Sand Crabs is another creature in runescape which you are able to AFK for a long time. This is very similar to the Nightmare zone however sand crabs are usually for people who have not yet unlocked the Nightmare zone. This is a very popular hotspot for training combat simply because of easy access. No quests or skills are required to enter this place and train here however it is advised once again to bring the best gear possible for maximum damage per second (dps).

The caves of monkey madness 2 is one of the greatest unlocks you can get. One of the best possible magic and range training methods is unlocked here. The mass number of monkeys in this cave means throwing chin chompas and bursting with mage will take full advantage of all creatures which will leave you with extremely high exp per hour. However it is awfully expensive to maintain your player here. Chin chompas and burst runes are very expensive. Some people tend to buy runescape gold to AFK here. The monkey madness 2 caves is one of the only places where AFKing is better exp per hour than actively training a skill with full attention. These are only a few of the most popular AFK tasks. As you play the game, you will naturally find activities which you can AFK.