1-99 Mining Guide

Right to start off this guide im going to suggest you start with quests as these quests will get you way past the slow beginning.

Quests: Dorics Quest; 1300 Xp, Plague City 2425 Xp, The Giant Dwarf; 2500 Xp, Lost Tribe; 3000 Xp, Between a rock; 5000 Xp, The Digsite; 15300 Xp and finally Enakhra's Lament; 7000 Xp.

Doing all these quests will take you from level 1 to level 39. Doing Just Doric's Quest and The Digsite will get you from level 1 to level 32

The Afk Method:

By doing the quests you will already be at level 32 or 39 depending if you did them all. Once you are level 32 or 39 head straight for motherlode mine as this is the most afk and most enjoyable one and if you do it from 32 - 99 its profit is about 70m+ (or you can just buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold) however you will need to mine 210k Paydirt in total. At level 72 you can unlock the upper area for 100 golden nuggets and since not many people will be up there you will find it more afk and no competition.

Profitable Methods:

So from level 40-75 if you were to mine Gem Rocks you can make around 300k-700k an hour for a total profit of 25M (or you can just buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold). They can be found near Shilo Village or Lunar Isle Mine.

From 75-99 you can do blast mine for more xp and more profit of 120m osrs gold (or you can just buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold). At 75 Mining with 100% lovakengj favour you gain access to blast mine which allows you to get ores that are 10 levels above your mining level so at level 75 you will be getting runite ore

From 85-99 You can mine runite ore but its very slow xp but massive profit 900m kinda big (or you can just buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold) Mining runite ore is good for profit but at 5k-15k xp an hour makes it a long grind requiring 78,207 runite ore to be mined but it all depends on if you wanna take forever but make bank or make bank still at a much faster pace or just make bank in 5 mins if you buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold

92-99 you can mine Amethysts for 100m Profit (or you can just buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold) Its abit more xp per hour than runite but its semi afk and quite good.

Fastest Method: (No Profit)

1-15 mining copper ore or tin ore and just dropping them once full invent 

15-75 Iron ore

Iron ore is one of the fastest training methods to level 75 and you should always be training at a location where there are iron rocks in a triangle. at level 15 you can get 30k xp an hour where at 60 you can get 60k to 70k xp an hour

75-99 3 ticking granite quarry

This is very click intensive but is the fastest way to train mining however you will need desert protection as it is in the desert.

Quick Summary for people not interested in reading this all

Fastest Methods:

1-15 Copper & Tin

15-75 Iron ore

75-99 Granite (3 tick)


Alternative Methods:

1-15 Rune Essence (AFK)

30-99 Motherlode mine

70-99 Volcanic Mine


Profitable Methods

50-75 Gem Rocks

75-99 Blast mine

85-99 Runite Ore

92-99 Amethyst


The two fastest methods in the game are granite and volcanic mine. granite is very very click intesive and a little faster than volcanic mine but with volcanic mine it provides alot more profit in the long run of it all.

For AFK training you can do low level rune essence mining and move on to the motherlode mine for some decent afk xp (my personal favourite)

For profit, gem rocks are decent xp and pretty good money at this point in time while the blast mine is great money and xp. Runite ore is the most profitable way all the way to 99 but it will take you a long long time and you may regret your decision when you could just buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold instead.


Thank you all for reading my guide from 1-99 mining and i hope you found it helpful and interesting. I would apreciate if you gave me a like on this. Now lets get mining and dont forget to buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold!